MASTER CLASS: Local Government Buying Simplified

Selling to local, state, or federal government agencies can be a very challenging process. We have created tools, simplified the language, made the process more manageable, and have personally navigated clients from start to sale.

The course is designed to breakdown the Local Government Buying process into a simplified form to give your company the best path to support your firm growth in this market space:

Lesson 1: Purchasing Process: Non-Bid Process

This lesson review how an entirely different buying process exist where only one quote by your firm is required.  We opens the doors to an entirely different unspoken buying process that is only known by Fortune 1000 firms that have dedicated Sales Teams to sell products and services that never go out to BID.

Lesson 2: Procurement Process: Public BID Process

This lesson review the Public BIDDING process (your firm vs major corporations). This government BIDDING process is covered by many organization. Our lesson cover Tips & Tricks that can guide your firm to a path to Build Capacity and Build Capability as your grow your business.

Lesson 3: Capability Statement aka Resume for your business

This lesson will help you update your Capability Statement and/or create a Capability Statement. The Capability Statement will be replacement of your Business Card that Buyers, Supplier Diversity Managers and Influencers will request as a FIRST TEST of your company Readiness to do business with the agency you are connecting with for the first time. We provide you a Step-by-Step instruction on how the create a Capability Statement aka resume for your business.

Video Testimonials

Meet a few of the 800 Small Business owners that have gone through our courses:

- Ron Brown, International Security Firm

Ron Brown Testimonial

- Chad Maender, VP of Membership, LAX Coastal Chamber

Chad Maender, Testimonial


$98.00 USD

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