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The Government Purchasing and Procurement process can be daunting and confusing. I will use my 25 years of experience working with the Local Government to guide you through the process.


Think Big, Scale Up

Working with the government is an ongoing and cyclical process that requires understanding and working within the process. We provide detailed training to help you navigate the process more effectively so that you can build capability and build capacity as often is required by Local Government and Prime Vendors ...Think Big, Scale Up


Small Business Subject Matter Expertise


Our Mission is to train small business owners to position their business for growth by understanding and making use of government procurement policies and procedures.


Our vision is to train small business owners to work with government procurement to grow and hire locally to support their local economy and other small businesses.


Our courses are designed around supporting Local Government Procurement Policies designed to support Small Business and Supplier Diversity inclusion goals.


Procurement Workshop Series inspired a Veteran African American Female to stay focused on the Mission ...Think Big, Scale Up


"Clear path and steps to success and growth of the business"

Gigi Gibbs

Think Big, Scale Up

Many have compared our Local Small Business Workshop Series to a "mini MBA Course" for Small Business that provides straightforward, real-world answers to growing their business shortly after courses are completed. The next step is on you ...

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Group shares the many moments of enlightenment that happens during the workshop series ... it's when we know it was all worth the investment


Moments like this change our business trajectory

Veterans Helping Veterans

We will continue to build out business courses. 

As Local Government Small Business policies are updated, we will bring up to date information that will support your business. No fluff, just straight forward information to shorten your path to grow and hire locally to support our economy.

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We will keep you updated with new courses that will help you... Think Big, Scale Up


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